purchasing process

Select products

You can select our products in three ways: 1, Browse and select suitable products; 2, Tell us your specific requirements and our sales manager will recommend the products to you; 3, After choosing a suitable product, we can improve or customize it according to your own requirements.

Sign Contract

After selecting the products, the two sides will reach an agreements on product configuration, quantity, price , delivery date, delivery method, payment method and so on, and sign the contract. After paying the deposit, please inform us timely so that we can prepare for the production in advance. 


Inspect products

After the products are finished, you are welcome to our company for acceptance, or you can entrust your friend or inspection company to our company to inspect the products. Note: our company can provide government invitation for our customers.

Deliver products

If the contract is signed by DAF or FOB terms, we will arrange shipment to the border or port in time; if the contract is signed by CIF terms, we will arrange shipment in time. Note: Our company has many long-term cooperation of high-quality shipping agents, customers who want to do FOB terms can also consider the shipping agents recommended by our company. 


Documents for customs clearance

After the products are shipped, please confirm the specific requirements of customs clearance information with our sales manager in time, such as commercial invoice, packing list, bill of lading. After confirmation, our company will send the documents to you through international express in time.

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